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ability, without honor, is useless.
  1. The eidos of Eidos Napoli - A mini manifesto.

    Family, character, soul.  A family-run business for the over 30 years producing garments of quality and integrity that will last a lifetime and selling them at a fair price.  That was my starting point with my factory, Michelangelo.  These ideals strike a chord with me, as my own family has been my main inspiration in the Eidos concept.  For me, our idea is bigger than clothing.  Its about the past, the present and the future.  We honor the past in creating timeless clothing with respect to balance and proportion, made the old fashioned way with a full canvas construction. We provide for the present by interpreting this silhouette with softness and ease in distinctive fabrics with true character and soul, allowing our man to express himself in a nuanced way that is ever more so sophisticated than an ironic, play-on-words graphic tee and some of-the-now hip sneaker.  Finally we strive to inspire the future by offering a truly exceptional product at a price that is accessible for the next generation of aspiring gentlemen.

    As I’ve sat in market appointments the past week trying to explain this philosophy to buyers, I can hear my father speaking through me. Its bigger idea than clothing.  Integrity, dignity, excellence, fairness.  This is what Eidos stands for.  The last six months have not been easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is and it seems like all that work is paying off.  We’re going to shake some things up next spring.

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